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 After two years, we are happy to announce the immediate availability of our new album, When I Fall.


The album is available to purchase at:

We are also releasing the album as a free download, in 128K MP3 files.


Individual Tracks:

1. Elemental

2. Temporary

3. Shadow

4. Behind The Fire

5. Instrumental 9

6. Sightless and Counting

7. Moment of Clarity

8. Darkest Circles

9. Place

10. Everything

Complete Album in one zip file

(39.02MB - Right click, save as)

We are pleased to announce that tracking is complete for the new album. The final title is "When I Fall".

We do not have a solid release date on the album or the singles planned for release around the same time - previews and some other goodies will happen before then, so stay tuned or sign up for the forums or mailing list (menu on the left) to keep up to date!
News (some old, some new)

Northern Air is (and has been for a little bit now) available on iTunes!

Also - expect some big release announcements in the next month. The new album is moving along at a steady clip, and there are plans for more releases on top of the full length - this fall promises to be the busiest The Wretch has ever been!
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